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Small business taxes

Individual and Business Tax Preparation

We can prepare tax forms in compliance with the IRS for individuals and businesses. Complete and accurate returns and forms ensures it is accepted by the IRS and leaves the tax client less stressed.

* Tax Returns for Individuals

                                      * Tax Returns for C or S-Corporations, LLC's and Partnership

                                      * State and Local Taxes

                                      * Consolidated Tax Returns

                                      * US Citizens with Foreign Income

                                      * Estimated Taxes

                                      * Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

                                      * International Tax Planning

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Enrolled Agent Services

Need representation for an audit or other tax issue? Enrolled agents are licensed by and can represent clients in front of the IRS. Unlike tax attorneys and CPAs who can only practice in the state they are licensed, enrolled agents can practice and represent clients from any state.

                                      * IRS Audit and Tax resolutions
                                      * Specialized IRS representation through an enrolled agent
Receipts, accounts receivable


We can keep your financial affairs in line with record keeping and tracking of your business transactions.

* Record financial transactions

* General Ledger Maintenance 

* Objective Accounting for Concise Internal Controls